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About PrimePipe Plumbing

We only hire plumbing professionals who are able to work in line with our stringent quality control requirements, which means not only that they’re able to demonstrate the ability to solve a variety of plumbing problems in short order, but that they’re able to implement lasting fixes that deal with the true cause of the problem.

That’s only half the story, however, because we also take seriously our employees’ ability to deal with our valued customers in a friendly and genuinely helpful manner. We know that nobody calls an emergency plumber because they wanted to, if you’re putting through a call to us it’s because you’re in a plumbing pickle and you need some help to get it sorted out.

What that means is you can guarantee a friendly and compassionate approach from our team whenever you call us out to fix your emergency plumbing problem. We understand it’s a stressful, miserable time and we’ll do whatever we possibly can to get the issue fixed in as little time, and with as little financial stress, as possible.

It’s this dedication to going the extra mile for our customers which leads us to form genuinely lasting relationships with them, which we’re proud to say we take very seriously. We want to get to the point where if you’re in the unfortunate position of suffering a plumbing emergency, you know instinctively that we’re the best people to trust to get you out of it.

For any emergency plumbing throughout Mayfair, ours is the only number you need.