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  • Unit 4, The Foundry,, 325 Ordsall Lane, Ordsall
    M5 3LW Manchester

Shakesphere Products Limited

Our mission at ShakeSphere is to revolutionize the shaker bottle market and create innovative products that improve the health, wellbeing, and happiness of everyone who uses them. Buy the world’s Best Protein Shaker for workout, sport bottle, and Mixer cup. Find magic in the capsule-shaped shaker for smooth, delicious shakes. 

Pre-workout optimisation

It may seem odd that our first tip as to how you can recover quicker after exercise is about optimising your body before you even start working out. Yet, by taking the ideal amounts of pre-workout supplements, you can reduce how much your body fatigues both during and after exercise. We recommend looking for products containing Citrulline Malate and/or Magnesium, and taking them about 30 minutes before exercise for best results.


After you’ve floored yourself with a massive workout, we know that stretching may be the last thing you want to do. However, it’s crucial to release the lactic acid that builds up when you train for so long with limited oxygen and get the blood flowing to your muscles again. This facilitates muscle recovery and will help you to feel fresher when you hit another workout the next day. Try to stretch the muscles you’ve activated most during exercise – lower backs, hamstrings, and shoulders are particularly prone to getting tight, but try to tailor your stretching programme to your own workout.

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